Carlos Braceras
Director's Message
During the past couple of years, whenever we have talked about the strategic direction for the Utah Department of Transportation, we have spoken about our Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals. Now in 2016, I’m more convinced than ever that our vision is correct, our mission is the right one and our strategic goals are taking us down the right track.

This is especially important for us this year because, as I see it, we are at a fundamental change point in the entire history of transportation. The next decade of transportation innovation will see changes that are fundamental and profound. We are seeing an extraordinary merger of technology, as we know it today, and the automobile. And our opportunities as a Department of Transportation are surely changing; autonomous vehicles, 3D printing for heavy construction and the “internet of things” are just a few innovations that promise to change the landscape of the transportation industry. These opportunities will allow us to be more successful than we ever imagined in achieving our Vision, Mission and Goals.

This is an exciting time to be working side-by-side with the best employees in transportation, especially in a state that is rapidly growing in population and economic strength. We need our best thinking today to anticipate innovative solutions to the opportunities of tomorrow, so we can keep Utah moving safer and more efficiently—today and in the remarkable future that awaits us.
Keep Utah Moving
Innovating transportation solutions that strengthen Utah’s economy and enhance quality of life


Our Emphasis Areas highlight keys to our success as we move into the future. These are areas that require special attention and effort in pursuit of our Vision and Mission.
Integrated Transportation
Transportation is more than cars on roads. Integrated transportation considers the evolving and diverse expectations of the people and businesses that use our system. At every phase, from planning through maintenance, we consider how to better serve all of the transportation interests of our state, including transit, commercial vehicles, rail, pedestrians and cyclists.
Our mission is to strengthen economies and enhance quality of life in the communities of our state. The best—perhaps only—way to accomplish this is by collaborating closely with the communities we serve and collaborating with public and private partners to form effective, passionate teams. We strive to help communities achieve their individual visions.
Perpetual thirst for knowledge and access to education enable our teams to prepare for the enormous and exciting shifts in the transportation industry with energy and enthusiasm. We also support the education of the generation who will follow us, and we embrace the cultivation of expertise in new technologies and disciplines.
Trust is our most valued asset, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards of fairness and openness. Transparency means not only allowing the public to be aware of what we are doing, but it also means that we conduct ourselves as responsible stewards of taxpayer money, getting the best value for every dollar we invest.
There is no substitute for quality. We work hard to complete work quickly and minimize impacts to the public and when we complete a project we delivera quality product that will serve the public for many years to come. Quality is demonstrated not only in the processes we adopt, but also in the people we hire.

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