ATMS Performance Measure Methodology

Average annual ATMS performance since 2012

Values include VMS, CCTV, RWIS, TMS, Ramp Meters, HAR, and Express Lane Plazas.

Device Percent Operational

  • 70% of total points
  • Collection method
    • Each month we are getting a snap shot; one day seeing the number of devices which are working for that specific device type.
    • Information goes back to 2000 for some device types
  • Scoring
    • Each device type has a goal and minimum operating threshold
      • Minimum operating threshold is the percentage of devices that need to be working for the system to be useful /usable
      • 0 points if not meeting minimum operating threshold
      • 100 points if meeting goal
    • System total
      • Based on number of devices operational
  • Future Improvements
    • Separate by Region
    • For system total assign each device type a weighting factor based on importance of that system rather than number of devices (TBD from Decision Lens workshops)
    • Enhance System Health monitoring so that it records device up & downtimes rather than just reporting current state of system

Number of Devices Dead in the Field

  • 10% of total points
  • Goal: 0 devices are dead in the field for more than 30 days
  • Scoring: All or nothing
  • Explanation:  We want a plan to handle the life cycle of every device.  If a device type (ex CCTV) is going to be allowed to fail before it is replaced, then it should be replaced promptly.   If a device is going to be decommissioned after it fails (ex HAR), then it should be removed promptly.

Percentage of devices < Expected End of Life

  • 20% of total points
  • Goal: 90% of all devices have not reached their expected end of life
  • Scoring: maximum points if at or above goal, and linear when below goal