Long Range Planning

    • Implementation of Enhanced Framework in the Statewide Long-Range Plan
  • Unified Plan Support
    • Chaired GIS Committee
    • Financial Subcommittee
    • Policy Committee

Short and Intermediate Range Planning

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Grant application cover page


    • Held in February 2018
    • SOV Trips Saved: 89,082
    • Total Distance: 1,427,283 mi.
    • CO2 Saved: 386.1 tons
    • Money Saved: $423,449
    • Calories Burned: 2,120,838
    • Participants: 2,552
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Me Heroes Video Campaign
  • Targeted at millennials, encouraging the use of alternative modes of transportation.
  • Three videos, ran for 5 months.
  • Video completion rates either met or vastly exceeded industry standards across multiple platforms. (See graphs below. Dotted lines represent high and low ranges of industry standards.)

  • First/Last Mile Project
    • Lead by UTA in collaboration with UDOT, MAG and WFRC
    • $20 million on TIGER grant funding with $12 million in local government matching funds
    • Awarded contracts in 2018 to begin design and construction
  • Utah DAQ Collaboration
    • Utah DAQ's air quality page displays TravelWise recommendations based on current air quality conditions.

Active Transportation

    • Program launched earlier this year.
    • Helps local communities consider and embrace active transportation through planning, events, education and infrastructure development.
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  • Active Transportation Data Management Plan (ongoing)
    • Developing a standardized program to measures bicycle and pedestrian volumes for the Wasatch Front, and determining where counters should be deployed.
      • Counts will be used to complement and extrapolate Strava counts.
    • Will create a system for collecting and publishing active transportation data that can be used by the public and public agencies.
  • Pedestrian and Bike Summits
    • Hosted the Utah Pedestrian Summit.
    • Partnered with Bike Utah on the Bike Summit.
Pedestrian and Bike Summit logos
  • Partnering with WFRC, who is organizing the event.
  • Celebrates the connection of over 100 miles of safe, separated, multi-use trails linking Ogden and Provo.

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  • Updated to comply with FAST Act.
  • Accepted by FHWA.

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Truck Parking

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UDOT Leadership Support

Air Quality

  • Completed Conformity Reviews on MPOs' (WFRC, Cache) regional Air Quality Emissions analyses
  • Completed coordinated MPO/UDOT CMAQ Annual Reporting and submitted to FHWA
  • Collaboratively developed CMAQ Performance Measure Targets for WFRC's Salt Lake/West Valley Urban area
  • Coordinated with and represented UDOT with Utah Division of Air Quality and MPOs on ongoing PM2.5 and 8-hour Ozone SIP Development Process Negotiations and Discussions

Travel Demand Modeling and Data

  • Utah Statewide Travel Model improvements
  • Socio-economic data development
  • Development of reliability/delay performance management targets
  • Hiring of a jointly-funded travel demand modeler between UDOT and WFRC
    • More transparency and objectivity in model development and use
  • Support of REMM model development

Unified Planning Work Program

  • Worked with the 4 MPOs to complete and get approved Federal Aid Agreements for FY 2018.
  • Monitored, tracked and approved MPO UPWP billings for payment.