Aeronautics Programming


Elevate Life - Through a Safe and Effective Aviation System


We elevate the quality of life in Utah by improving how people and business move, and ensuring a vibrant aviation system, through four distinct mission support facets:
Promote Aviation as an Alternative Means of Transportation
  • We promote the use of aviation as a means of leisure and business travel within the state by advocating for new and existing aviation technology and industry.
Grow Utah's Economy
  • We promote airports as healthy economic engines; ensure proper planning for airport projects; and provide the necessary funding to properly fit the economic needs of the community.
Ensure a Culture of Safety
  • We evaluate safety trends across the industry and encourage and direct all aviators' to safety training resources.
Save Tax Payer Dollars
  • We save tax payer dollars by providing an efficient alternative for state employee travel.


  • Begin effort to move program to maximize paperless operations
  • Update the aeronautics restricted account balance spreadsheet and projections
  • 2019-2023 Airport Capital Improvement Program (ACIP) Completed and Approved