UDOT Central Lab - Asphalt Section


Promote high quality excellent performing asphalt pavement materials.  


Develop performance specifications that drive high quality long lasting asphalt pavement materials.  

Tactical Measures:
Utah Binder Index

This asphalt cost adjustment or Binder Index, is used to protect both the Contractor and the Department from unstable prices. It is based off weekly reports from Poten and Argus from our surrounding area, see UDOT Standard Specification 01282.

Asphalt Binder Sampling Turnaround Time 

HMA - Round Robin Testing
(Inter laboratory test performed independently. It involved multiple labs independently performing tests on the same material)
Asphalt Mix Design - Density

Why do we want more density in a pavement? Density is the unit weight of a mixture.  Density is usually shown as a percent of maximum theoretical density or the specific gravity of the in-place compacted density divided by the maximum theoretical density.

Density is achieved by compaction of the paver-laid asphalt-aggregate mixture. The squeezing together of the aggregates increases their surface-to-surface contact and inter-particle friction, resulting in higher stability and pavement strength.