UDOT Central Lab - Concrete & Steel Section


Promote high quality excellent performing concrete and steel, materials and products.


Develop performance specifications that drive high quality long lasting concrete and steel materials.  

Tactical Measures:
Portland Cement Concrete Pavements (PCCP)
PCCP should reach an average strength of 4000 psi.  This graphic reveals three things about PCCP: 1.  The relative amount of PCCP being produced by Region.  2. The percentage of test results falling below the 4000 psi threshold.  3.  The strength consistency of  concrete mixes.
Precast Concrete
Precast concrete is produced in a controlled plant with high-quality results.  There are eight qualified plants producing precast for UDOT.  This graphic shows the efficiency of each plant's quality control processes and the quality of concrete produced, measured through daily inspection reports.
Cement and Fly Ash Quality Assurance

Central Lab Proficiency
To verify the validity of the Central Lab's testing, samples are tested and compared with similar testing labs across the country.  Test results in aggregates, and cement physical and chemical properties are compared and proficiency is measured on a statistical scale of 1-5