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OSHA Training

Employee Development Performance Measures

Employee Development


Create a learning environment where every UDOT employee is inspired to learn something new every day to drive innovation and modernization in the department.


To drive employee development opportunities focused on innovation and modernization by creating a workplace environment focused on continuous learning, knowledge transfer, and career mobility. 


  • Leadership Development:  Preparing the next generation of leaders with a Leadership Development Strategy
  • Engagement:  Inspiring employees to make UDOT their long-term career choice
  • Safety:  Supporting UDOT’s drive to ensure that all employees return home safely at the end of the day
  • Knowledge Management
  • Talent Management


Transportation Education Program

Modernization Project
UDOT's TEP training develops a Transportation Technician's skills and abilities for both road maintenance and road construction projects. To advance through the program, Transportation Technicians must first successfully complete a twelve month probation consisting of educational and on-the-job requirements.

UDOT Career Zone

Competency Framework for all Positions
Integrated career enhancement based on defined competencies and career paths. Helping each employee know how they can improve their job and leadership skills by using Competency Based Learning.  Defined career paths with aligned professional development programs to be used by employees and supervisors

Job-Specific Training

Initiate the steps necessary to create a learning organization
A learning organization is skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge, and at modifying its behavior to reflect new knowledge and insights.

Employee Development Programs: 

Career Development, Self Development, Leadership, Mentoring, and Internships
Provide Comprehensive Learning Services
Transition from dispersed training practices to learning services focused on integrated career enhancement based on defined competencies and career paths.
Comprehensive on-boarding training programs
Provide comprehensive and consistent on-boarding across the organization, including New Employee Orientation and Safety Training, as well as HR, OSHA, Work Zone safety, flagging, CPR and First Aid.  This ensures employees understand how to perform their job function in relation to the organization.

Define career paths and offer professional development that retains and grows our employees.  This work requires implementing Competency-Based Learning, which allows UDOT to invest in employees’ learning as it relates to their role and can be tied to performance and organizational objectives.

Develop a leadership strategy that recognizes the benefit of leadership competencies through the integration of processes, planning, and personal performance. Recognize our leaders as learning individuals who will encourage and support others in their desire for learning and development.

Learning Portal Integration

Use Learning infrastructure to provide data and coordination for all UDOT employees
The core of the University structure is the design, development, and deployment of learning services.
The Learning Portal provides infrastructure to build a robust learning, training and certification program at UDOT. 
Raise awareness that the Learning Portal is a tool that will serve as UDOT’s central hub for learning, training, and certifications.