Pavement Performance Measures

The objectives of pavement performance measures are to assess and report pavement condition to assure we’re following the UDOT philosophy that good roads cost less, comply with the FHWA requirements, comply with the state government accounting standards board (GASB) requirements, and support UDOT’s goal to preserve our pavement infrastructure. The information below reviews the federal pavement performance measures.

Federal Measures

FHWA Measures

FHWA reporting differs from UDOT measures in that the condition calculations use the percentage of lane miles versus centerline miles. Good, Fair, and Poor condition is based on the collected 0.1 mile roughness, cracking, and rutting or joint faulting data.  Another difference of the federal measures is how the condition metric is calculated. To rate in "Good" condition all 3 metrics must be rated good, and "Poor" condition has any 2 metrics rated poor.

FHWA Measures based on Percent of Lane Miles

Federal Measures

These 2 charts below show Interstate and Non-Interstate NHS pavement condition from 2014 - 2017. The condition was calculated using the 2017 FHWA metrics as a percentage of lane miles.  The FHWA % cracking data for 2014 was calculated differently than it was in 2015.  This FHWA % cracking criteria changed again in 2017.  The other data metrics have been the same.  No data was collected in 2016.

Interstate Condition

Non Interstate NHS