Annual Statistical Summary 2016 Road Mileage - HPMS

Road mileages in the annual statistical summary are reported for the previous year and include all roads that where active as of December 31st.

Mileages for public road systems 2016
Mileages are collected based on the Positive Direction only, State ownership and the following roadway types:
Mainline and Interchanges
Ramps (on and off) Collector or
Distributor Traffic Circles
Local Road Zones
Miscellaneous type of road
*Tribal land roads are not included*

Certified Public Mileage (CPM)

CPM is federally mandated to be reported annually by June 1st . 

CPM for 2016 was 46,768 Centerline Miles 

HPMS can report Lane Miles (centerline miles * number of lanes) using the number of lanes and segmented lengths of centerline miles

Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled

are state, county and city calculated mileages using Annual Average Daily Traffic (from Planning & Research Traffic group).

Pavement Totals

use mileage by roadway type and are categorized by Paved and Unpaved (from the Planning and Research Pavement group)