UDOT Central Lab - Implementation Section

  • Approved Product List
  • Materials Database


Promote high quality and excellent performing materials used on UDOT projects. Improve project quality and project management.


Develop Materials Database and Product Approval program.   

Tactical Measures:
Approved Products Turn Around Time from Received to Approval

Turn around time is the time period from the application accepted by the APL coordinator to the product approval/reject notice is sent to the supplier.  45 days is the current turn around time limit decided by APL committee.  We are continuously working on facilitating the reviewing process and reducing the process time. 

APL Products Approval Rate

The products on the APL meets UDOT standards and approved by the APL committee.  Products that are not on the APL can be used in UDOT projects if they meet project requirements. This performance measure shows APL approval rate.

Materials Database 
The Materials and Pavements Division started converting the materials database to MasterWorks in the fall of 2016.  This new system covers most of the material testing activities including binder, asphalt, concrete, aggregate, reinforcing steel, paint, and hydrated lime.  It will work on desktops, laptops, and iOS mobile devices. The design team and UDOT engineers and technicians worked diligently and overcame a lot of obstacles in implementing UDOT Standards and engineering calculations.  They are working toward the finish line with anticipation of going live in the 2019 construction season.  The following graph shows the progress and scheduling of each module.