Maintenance Planning Tactical Measures


The UDOT Maintenance Division is recognized by our peers as a premier leader in the field of highway maintenance and future vision to provide for the needs of the traveling public of the great State of Utah.  This is accomplished through research, innovation, training, and fiscal responsibility. The mobility, proper maintenance and safety of both our employees and the traveling public is the core driving force of the UDOT Maintenance Division.  UDOT will continue to expand its capabilities in the field of highway maintenance operations by using all available resources and technology to meet the department goals and provide the greatest possible service to our customers.

Current Year Code One Budget

Provide real time data to Senior Leaders and Regions to inform them of the current state of expenditures in maintenance activities.

Current Year Code One Snow Removal Budget

Provide real time data to maintenance leadership and stations about road conditions and snow plow fleet locations during storm events.  This measure enables UDOT to address the needs of snow and ice removal from our highway system in the most efficient manner.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention