Mobile Device Support

DocuSign (formerly CoSign) Mobile Application
Administration & Support Contact: Mindi Lake | D: 801-964-4466 | C:  385-272-0871 | Email:
DocuSign, the most widely used digital signature solution, is  available on your smart phones and tablets. The DocuSign mobile app is the quickest way to securely sign your documents on the go, using legally binding tamper-proof digital signatures that ensure both signer identity and document integrity.
The DocuSign mobile app is available no matter where you are at the moment you receive a document that requires your signature, whether at the office, on a work site, on vacation or on the golf course. Its paper-free flexibility allows you to accelerate your work processes, secure sensitive documents, reduce paper-related costs and ensure regulatory compliance.
Using the DocuSign mobile app you can:
  • Open a document for signing from the DocuSign app, an email account, your favorite cloud storage service (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or OneDrive) or any other app that handles PDF files
  • Sign documents from your mobile device in preset signature locations or add new locations anywhere in the document, and then share the signed file with any other apps that supports PDFs
  • Validate any signature, regardless of the application it was signed with, to verify the signer’s identity and the document’s integrity
  • Choose an existing graphical signature or create a new one, and add your reason for signing and your title, as well as the date and time