Motor Carrier Tactical Measures

Permit Verification

New technology that streamlines the permit verification process for overweight and oversized vehicles creating monetary savings for the Motor Carrier industry.

Bypassed Vehicles

The number of commercial motor vehicles pre-screened to be able to bypass a Utah port-of-entry.
The percentage of trucks electronically pre-screened to bypass a port of entry and the cost savings to the Motor Carrier industry as a result or the bypass.

Vehicle Co-Inspection

Port-of-entry inspectors working in teams to inspect to reduce the time the vehicle is setting is a port-of-entry. This is the number of co-inspections and the cost savings a commercial motor vehicle it provides the motor carrier industry.

Large Truck Fatal Crashes/100M VMT (Year-to-Date)

The number of large truck and bus fatal crashes compared to 100 million miles traveled within the State of Utah.

Large Truck Related Fatal Crashes Per Month (2017-2018)

The number of fatal large truck and bus crashes by month in Utah.     

Out-of-Service Violations per Month (2017-2018)        

Comparison of the number of out-of-service violations (violations that require service on the vehicle before it can continue its route) found during commercial vehicle inspections to the number of fatal crashes involving a commercial motor vehicle.