Design and Standards

Design and Standards

The Design and Standards Section manages several programs that are key to the delivery of quality projects in the Department. The Section's primary responsibility is to support the region offices, be available as a resource as needed for project support and provide tools that are requested by region teams. The Section is responsible to lead the Department's Model Based Design and Construction initiative, maintain UDOT Standard Specifications and Drawings, to evaluate design exceptions, waivers and deviations to the UDOT Standards, and is an integral resource to region design teams. The Section is responsible to oversee the development of programs such as Cost Based Estimating (CBE). CBE is established in the early phases of projects using software that evaluates how projects are expected to be bid by contractors. The ability to accurately estimate the cost of construction projects results in more efficient fund management. Efficient fund management allows UDOT to better deliver the Three Strategic Goals: Preserve Infrastructure, Optimize Mobility, and Zero Crashes, Injuries and Fatalities. As an added benefit to the engineer's estimate, CBE is also used to provide specific constructability review support (from a contractor's perspective) as well as support for change order evaluation in the construction phase. The Section works closely with FHWA on design/standards issues and program/process reviews. The Section is also responsible to maintain CADD Standards and Plan Sheet Development Standards.

2017 Accomplishments

Model Based Design and Construction (MBDC) is a significant innovation that UDOT is developing which is leading to efficiencies in project delivery.  UDOT became the first DOT in the nation to award a project (SR-20 passing lanes project; Region 4) with the design 3D model as the legal document in 2016.  In 2017, UDOT achieved several significant milestones.  One focus area involves plan production. The short term vision is to eliminate the time consuming and costly development of 2D project plans and employ a data transfer to contractors and construction crews.   MBDC has begun utilizing mobile devices in construction, in lieu of plan sheets.  Typical plan sheet cost and time (in the design phase) take 40-70% of the resources.  During advertising, contractors use construction 3D modeling software and build their own models  for bidding on projects.  For construction, contractors use automated machine guidance (AMG) on heavy equipment.  AMG is where heavy equipment is controlled using the 3D model.  MBDC is an exciting technology that reduces contractor time developing their models and allows complete machine automation without costly and timely traditional survey practices.  
Cost based estimating (CBE) was fully implemented in FY12. The CBE team has been able to collaborate with designers and project teams early in the project delivery process which provides the ability to better understand estimated construction award amounts.  Since FY12, the methodology has resulted in more accurate engineer's estimates.  However, improvement can still be achieved on smaller dollar projects to be more accurate.  However, in FY18, nearly all projects, especially those less than $500,000, were awardable at the time of bid according to our engineer's estimates. One other favorable result of CBE is maintaining the average award value above 80% of the engineer's estimate; this translates to funds being efficiently managed and potentially available earlier than in past years which means the Department can use those funds to address other ongoing needs earlier. The Department improved its ability to readily award projects that preserve infrastructure (maintenance projects) and optimize mobility (capacity, choke points, spot improvements and safety projects).

Model Based Design and Construction Achievements

Several accomplishments were achieved in 2017: 
1) The first DOT in the nation to award a design-bid-build project  with the model as the legal document.  UDOT awarded two projects: 1) I-70 reconstruction; Region 4 and 2) SR-193; greenfield connector; Region 1.
2) Developing a GIS solution for mobile device use in the field.
3) Adding two design-bid-build projects and three CMGC projects for award; construction in 2018. 
4) Collaborating with contractors and the software industry to utilize a .icm format which substantially reduces contractor model development time. 
5) Publication of an MBDC guidance document that reports lessons learned and processes that were developed. 

MBDC 2018 Performance Goals

1) Develop workflow for quantity managment and eliminate summary sheets as they are produced today
2) Create a MBDC Deliverables document with lessons learned from 2017 design/2018 construction projects 
3) Further develop UDOT's GIS based field tool

Contract Award Engineer's Estimate
  • 43% of our projects were between 90% and 110% of the engineer's estimate - TARGET IS GREATER THAN 50%
  • 20% of our projects bid greater than 110% of the engineer's estimate - TARGET IS LESS THAN 10%
  • The comparison of the bid amount to the engineer's estimate was 92% - TARGET IS GREATER THAN 85%

2018 Performance Goals

  • 50% or more of our projects between 90% and 110% of the estimate (green) - This measures the estimate accuracy
  • 10% fewer of our projects greater than 110% of the estimate (red) - This measures our ability to award projects
  • The comparison of the bid amount to the engineer's estimate will average greater than 88% - This measures efficient use of funds