Preserve Infrastructure

UDOT strives to minimize cost and maximize benefits by scheduling regular upkeep to prevent deterioration of the infrastructure to provide the best value at the lowest life cycle cost.

Infrastructure Performance Measures

  • Pavement Condition
  • Bridges
  • ATMS/Signals

Pavement Condition

Over the past several years interstate pavement condition targets have been exceeded. Therefore, funding for interstate pavements will be reduced to maintain interstate pavements within set targets.
 The estimated cost to improve High Volume pavements to the target condition over a ten-year period is $46 million per year.
 The current level of investment in Low Volume roadways has resulted in the percentage of pavement in good condition gradually declining. Therefore funding levels have been increased and the resulting predicted gradual increase in pavement.
Strategic Direction Goals
  • 80% of Utah's highways roadways are in good or fair condition

Average Ride Index, 2010-2015

Poor Ride Index, 2010-2015

Good Ride Index, 2010-2015

Bridge Condition

Structures are prioritized for rehabilitation and replacement based on vulnerability and criticality. Vulnerability measures the physical condition and load carrying capacity. The physical condition of the structure is captured by the Bridge Health Index and the load carrying capacity is defined by the operating load rating.

ATMS/Signal System

UDOT is adopting a complete lifecycle approach to ATMS device management to achieve system reliability. This approach includes the orderly disposition of devices at end-of-life. At the end-of-life each device will be formally evaluated to determine if the device is replaced in kind, upgraded, or decommissioned as no longer needed.