Performance Management Committee & Tactical Measure Development


The Performance Management Committee (PMC)  is made up of Division managers who work collaboratively across boundaries to establish performance measures and define short and long term programs to meet the UDOT Strategic Goals.  The PMC  is responsible for leading UDOT in the development of Objectives, Measures, Strategies and Targets designed to meet the Strategic Goals captured in the UDOT Strategic Direction document.  These measures are displayed on the dashboard that is linked to active data sources so that measures remain active and current.


Cross Asset Tool/Performance Forecasting: The purpose of this initiative is to develop a methodology by which to forecast the outcome of a given program of projects as it relates to the departments strategic direction and goals.  Performing trade off analysis that helps define the best program of projects to optimize the system as a whole will allow the department to make the most of our funding dollars.  This effort requires UDOT to better define the elements included within our projects and the efficacy of those elements to achieve our stated performance measures.  Engaging in this process revealed the need to improve the following areas of our project development process:
  • Project Concept Development Process:  In order to predict the outcome, or effectiveness, of a given project in achieving our strategic direction, it is necessary to understand the concept of each project.  Currently the UDOT concept development process does not provide the level of accuracy needed to make model predictions nor does it incorporate data management principals needed to track the concept of each project.  The Performance Management group is leading efforts to develop a concept process that defines, to an appropriate level of accuracy, the elements that will be included in the project.  This data will then be stored for use in forecasting system performance.
  • Project Component Efficacy Factors, i.e. Crash modification factor, pavement service life (sustainability):  Once elements of a project have been identified we must have a good understanding of the efficacy of those elements in achieving their purpose.  To this end the performance management group is working with the various disciplines to establish Utah specific factors that help define the effectiveness of the elements in achieving their stated purpose. 


Performance Management Committee (PMC) was formed to improve the communication among each of the business units of the department, to collaborate on sharing of data, and to  develop performance measures for each of the groups throughout the department. Accomplishments of this group are as follows: 
  • Worked to develop the Performance Measure Development Guidance Document as a guide that establishes common language and methodology for the various groups to use as they develop their performance measures.
  • Each of the groups has evaluated their business needs regarding performance measures and initiated measures as represented in the performance measure section of the dashboard.
  • Developed a Performance Dashboard for Tactical Measures that displays performance of each UDOT Division with real-time data.
  • Updated the Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) to reflect current asset management practices that embrace performance management and submitted it to FHWA well in advance of the federal deadline.  The TAMP includes live links to data that makes it an “intelligent” document that contributes to better decision-making for major UDOT assets. 
  • Developed targets for the required Federal Measures and a Reporting Dashboard that will allow federal and state leaders to access the data at all times.  
  • Developed a Performance Forecasting tool using the federal measures as a proof of concept.


The chart below shows the progress of PMC member division performance measure progress. Select the division from the dropdown menu to view progress. The legend contains progress details.