Pavement Management

The Pavement Management section manages several efforts that are key to the development of the pavement projects for the Preservation, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction programs.  The Section’s primary responsibility is to support the region offices in developing these projects. The section is responsible to maintain and operate the pavement management system, to collect and report the statewide pavement condition data, establish the pavement condition performance targets and the management strategies to meet them, and determine the pavement program funding needs and the funding allocations for each region.

2017 Accomplishments

Established the Statewide pavement condition performance measure and Target for the UDOT strategic goal to Preserve Infrastructure, and also to use for the GASB34 reporting (link to statewide condition chart)
Established the pavement condition performance Targets using the new FHWA performance measures (link to measures and targets)
Established the Sustainability Index performance measure (link to information)
Developed performance management tactical measures (link to dashboard)
Collected, processed, and reported 2017 pavement condition data (link to condition data)
Maintained and operated the dtims pavement management system
Developed dtims BI application (link to dtims BI)
Updated pavement condition forecast for each region and system (link to condition charts)
Updated region funding allocations for the pavement Preservation and Rehabilitation programs (link to funding allocations)
Updated the list of pavement projects for the Reconstruction program (link to project list)
Created pavement management web site (link to google site)

2018 Goals

Collect, process, manage, and report 2018 pavement condition data
Update region funding allocations for the pavement Preservation and Rehabilitation programs
Update the list of projects for the Reconstruction program
Update pavement condition forecast
Develop and implement Workflow manager application for tracking projects and funding


Gary Kuhl  (801) 964-4552
Austin Baysinger  (801) 965-4846
Region 1: David Holmgren (801) 620-1606
Region 2: Jason Simmons (801) 975-4928
Region 3: David Gill (801) 857-1937
Region 4: Jared Dastrup (435) 979-8467