Performance Management


The Performance Management Division (PMD) administers quantitative and qualitative data that allows UDOT decision-makers to readily identify and focus on key issues. Additionally, the PMD  is responsible for developing the Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) for managing UDOT assets.

Disciplines included within the Performance Management Division are:

1.  Pavement Management:  This section is responsible to measure and predict pavement condition, administer the reconstruction program, and recommend  pavement preservation funding and treatments.

2.  Data Collection:  The Data Collection Group is responsible for the collection, analysis, maintenance, reporting, publishing, and monitoring of selected roadway data for on and off system facilities.

3. Roadway Inventory Group:  This Group works with UDOT divisions and partners to deliver  a quality inventory of roadway items for internal use, HPMS and other FHWA reporting.

4.  Risk & Resiliency: The risk group is responsible to identify, analyze, and prioritize risk to build resiliency into the state’s transportation system and minimize costs associated with risks.

5.  The Performance Management Committee (PMC):  The PMC coordinates across Division boundaries to oversee tactical performance measures for the Strategic Direction and develop strategies to manage UDOT’s transportation assets.

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