Program Development: Research & Innovation


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  • Idea Discovery
  • Innovation Implementation
  • Sharing and Communication
  • Access to Information



  • Seek solutions to Utah's transportation challenges - solicit problem statements
  • Bring together researchers and UDOT experts to discuss needs
  • Work with other states for TPF initiatives
  • Contribute ideas for national research
  • utilize relevant national research
  • Conduct and answer surveys
  • Manage research projects
  • Work with champions and TACs
  • Transition research to implementation
  • Conduct literature searches

  • Publish Research and Innovation Newsletter
  • Peer Exchanges


  • Improve implementation across the Department by developing implementation guidance
  • Accelerate innovation through employee engagement
  • Innovation and Efficiencies Report
  • National Committee Membership reporting 
  • TRB attendee follow up and support



  • Updated UTRAC process



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Research Project Information

Innovation and Implementation Group

Our goals are to SEEK instances of innovation, SUPPORT the implementation where we can, RECORD successes and lessons learned, and SHARE the results in a meaningful way with the idea of standardizing innovations where applicable.
Idea Generation & Implemented Ideas
We collect ideas through the Learning Portal under the ideas tab and from emails to
We follow up with each idea and provide support to help get it past the finish line.