Program Development: Research & Innovation


The Research and Innovation Division seeks innovative solutions to Utah transportation challenges using new techniques, information, tools, products, resources, and training.  We strive to be responsive to changing transportation needs. Our services and resources are accessible to our customers, and our work focuses on relevant issues facing our industry.


  • Idea Discovery
  • Innovation Implementation
  • Sharing and Communication
  • Access to Information



  • Develop a RUC program
  • Improve the UTRAC process
  • Accelerate research project delivery
  • Accommodate important off-cycle research & implementation plans 
  • Maximize funding & resources, develop funding partnerships with our UDOT divisions as well as others like UTA Ustar SLC etc.
  • Find new transportation solutions through national surveys, TRB,  UTRAC & other means
  • Produce "High Value Research" and submit to AASHTO
  • Implement an EV Program


  • Develop implementation guidance
  • Accelerate innovation through employee engagement
  • Recognize Innovations, Publish I&E Report
  • Make real time reporting on Innovation & Efficiencies
  • Improve reporting from our National Committee members
  • Improve TRB attendee follow up and implementation support
  • Maintain and facilitate Library resource access
  • Effectively Communicate research results to UDOT and Transportation community


Research Award 

Cold in place Recycling Research recognized as High Value by AASHTO RAC

RUC West 
Regional Pilot

Utah is participating in both phases of the RUC West regional pilot.We have been involved in 8 of 17 RUC West projects.
Leading 3 Projects
  • New: Technology for RUC Communications
  • Completing: Parameters for a RUC rate
  • Completed: Impacts of Changing Vehicle Fleet Fuel Economy On State Transportation Funding

Scan Tours

US Domestic Scan selected by AASHTO
"Hydrodemolition For Partial Depth Removal of Bridge Decks"

Selected Problem Statements

Three Successful NCHRP Problem Statements submitted or endorsed by UDOT:
  • Workforce 2030: Recruiting and Training the Next Generation Transportation Construction Workforce
  • Design Specifications for the Static and Seismic Design of Piles for Downdrag
  • A Guidebook for Risk-Based Construction Inspection


Quarterly report on our recently completed research projects, updates on our division, as well as highlights from national innovations. 
Innovations & Efficiencies Report
The Research and Innovation Division gathers and reports on UDOT's innovations. This includes a broad spectrum of new and innovative solutions to everyday challenges and efficiency improvements. 
We report 3 things about each submission 
  • Problem  - what was difficult 
  • Change - what we did to fix it 
  • Result - the improvement benefits 

Other Accomplishments


  • Updated UTRAC process, Decision Lens, pre-meeting outreach efforts, & champion match up
  • Increased support from UDOT funding match  from Divisions and participation in TAC's
  • Rapid Response Research - "Back-of-Curb Evaluation Study"
  • Maintain and facilitate Library resource access added ROSAP and PIARC links


Performance Measures


  • Quantity of Projects       
  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Time to Contract
  • Presentation of Research 
  • Funding & Support
  • Benefits of Research
  • Implementation         

Research Projects

By the Numbers


Budget - Projects with Monetary Modifications
Budget - Average Modifications  


Schedule Extensions
Schedule Extension Averages 

Time to Contract

Time to Contract - Number of Days 

Presentation of Research

Timeline of Completion and Presentation of Projects
Need to Collect More data on presentations


Funding- Research Funding Types by Year

Matching Fund Trends 


Support - Count of Projects by Division Sponsors

Benefits of Research

Cost/Benefits Results
Qualitative Benefits

Innovation & Implementation 

Innovation and Implementation Group

Our goals are to SEEK instances of innovation, SUPPORT the implementation where we can, RECORD successes and lessons learned, and SHARE the results in a meaningful way with the idea of standardizing innovations where applicable.
Idea Generation & Implemented Ideas
We collect ideas through the Learning Portal under the ideas tab and from emails to
We follow up with each idea and provide support to help get it past the finish line.
Nearly 30% of the ideas submitted since November have been implemented on some scale. 


Ideas & Implementation by Region or Division

Implementation Status