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"Making a Difference"

The Public Transit Team (PTT) promotes, safe, sustainable, and barrier-free public transit throughout the State of Utah.


Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT)'s Public Transit Team often referred to as PTT administers Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grants. These grants are for specific purposes and have separate eligibility and funding requirements. The Public Transit Team requests applications for specific grant funding sources through calls for projects each fiscal year in the first week of September.

FTA Funding Grant Programs - General Information

FTA Program 5304 - Statewide Planning The Planning and Research Grants programs (49 USC, sections 5304) provide funds to metropolitan planning organizations for transit planning and awards UDOT monies for statewide transit planning and research.
FTA Program 5310 - Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities The Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Public Transportation grants program (49 USC, Section 5310) provides funding to improve accessibility and mobility for seniors and persons with disabilities.  Local stakeholder forums or committees plan and design the transportation services.
FTA Program 5311 - Rural Public Transportation The Rural Public Transportation grants program (49 USC, Section 5311) helps people in rural areas access health care, shopping, education, employment, and recreation. Currently, there are 38 operators providing public transportation in rural areas and small cities with populations under 50,000.
FTA Program Jobs Access and Reverse Commute 5316 & New Freedom 5317 Map-21 repealed formula grant sections 5316 JARC and 5317. Section 5316 was combined with 49 USC, Section 5311 and  5317 was combined with 49 USC, Section 5310. Funding in sections 5316 and 5317 is not available beyond the federal fiscal year 2012. 
FTA Program 5339 - Bus and Bus Facilities The Bus and Bus Facilities 49 USC, Section 5339 provides capital funding to replace, rehabilitate and purchase buses and related equipment and to construct bus-related facilities. The goal of the Section 5339 program is to improve bus and bus facilities by funding capital projects to replace, rehabilitate and purchase buses, vans, and related equipment, and to construct bus-related facilities.



Trip Making -Seniors & Individuals with Disabilities

Report 5310 FY 2014-2018
For the past four years (2014-2018), we have seen an increase of miles driven by agencies who procured vehicles under the FTA Program for Seniors and Disabled (5310). The total miles driven so far under the 5310 for the past four years is 3.4 million approximately, total trips made are close to 7.0 million. We have also observed that over 3.5 million disabled citizens have received transit support assistance in rural and small urban areas. 
 Formula Grants for Rural Areas - FTA Formula Section 5311-Report (2014-2018)

Current agencies contracted to provide Transit services 

For the past few years, Park City has been the leading provider with 45% contract shares with UDOT Public Transit Services! 
         Note: This dashboard story is a work in progress. Obtained data from current UDOT service providers (sub-recipients) in small urban and rural areas of Utah. We are constantly looking at ways to improve reporting methods, measuring operational performance, and effectiveness of programs. Please continue to share your comments and thoughts to Tim Boschert, UDOT Public Transit Team.