UDOT Quality Assurance Section


Ensure accurate acceptance testing of roadway materials through technician certification, laboratory qualification, and ongoing competency evaluation. This enables quality measures that promote consistency and appropriate decision-making to preserve infrastructure.


Certify materials testing technicians for Department, Contractor, Supplier, and Consultant employees involved in materials acceptance testing for roadway materials.
Qualify Department, Contractor, Supplier, and Consultant laboratories for use in acceptance testing for roadway materials. 

Monitor continuing technician competency through an Independent Assurance testing program.

Provide laboratory qualification, inspection services, and equipment support.

Oversee radiation safety and regulatory compliance of UDOT nuclear density gauges.

Manage the process for review, update, and maintaining materials documents with a standard protocol, including materials manuals of instruction, qualified supplier requirements, materials forms, minimum sampling and testing requirements, and testing forms.

Tactical Measures:

Independent Assurance
To ensure testing competency and consistency, federal regulations require each state highway agency to have an independent assurance program that assesses testing.  UDOT's program-based independent assurance program requires two evaluations for each of seven testing certifications for all certified technicians.  Test results are evaluated and the technician's status is updated throughout the year in our materials database.
Below are the results from our database.

Technician Certification
To ensure the quality of contract and UDOT-performed work on Utah's highways, testing is performed on materials placed there.  Testing technicians are certified through UDOT's Transportation Technician Qualification Program, (TTQP), in partnership with the Western Alliance for Quality Transportation Construction, (WAQTC).  
Qualified technicians perform requisite training and education and are certified by UDOT to perform that testing.  Each certification may be valid for up to five years, provided twice-annual independent assurance testing and other requirements are met.
Certification class sizes are limited by WAQTC requirements to ensure a fair review and testing experience.  The UDOT TTQP team strives to provide certification opportunities to meet the demand for qualified technicians.