RPDU Chart Definitions

3-Year Advertising Results

Purpose: Identifies the number of projects that were advertised each month.
Date Range: Previous 3 years + current fiscal year.
Data Source: ePM
Metric: Each bar in the graph represents how many projects were advertised by month.
The PINs, which make up this chart are those where:
  1. The Submitted Advertise Date is in the date range shown
  2. The Will Advertise Flag is "Y"
  3. The PDL Type code is Blank or not one of the following: Other Study, Railroad, Funding Passthrough, Corridor Preservation, Other, Contractual Maintenance
  4. The PIN Status Code is not: Proposed, CMS Non-ePM, Abandoned
  5. The Project Delivery Method is not "Procurement"
The PIN is shown in the month that the project actually advertised.