RPDU Chart Definitions

Current Preconstruction Schedule

Purpose: Compares Committed Advertising Date with Actual Advertised Date to determine the four categories displayed in the legend below.
Date Range: Six months prior to current current State fiscal year + current State fiscal year + six months following current State fiscal year.
Data Source: ePM
What are the Four Categories?
There are four different categories based on the times they were advertised. Projects were either advertised late, early, or not advertised as of yet.
  • Advertised OT/Early: These projects were advertised on time according to the schedule
  • Advertised Late: These projects were advertised late according to the schedule
  • Past Due - Unadvertised: These projects have not been advertised, although the schedule indicates they should be
  • Future - Unadvertised: These projects have not been advertised, however they are future projects and their advertising date has not passed, so they should not be considered "late"