RPDU Chart Definitions

Preconstruction Schedule History

Purpose: Compares Committed Advertising Date first, or if there is no Committed Date, the Submit for Advertising Date, with Actual Advertised Date (advertised projects) or with today’s date (unadvertised projects)
Date Range: Previous State fiscal year, and six months before it. 18 months total.
Data Source: ePM
What are the Different Categories?
There are four different categories based on the times they were advertised. Projects were either advertised late, early, or not advertised as of yet.
  • Advertised OT/Early: These projects were advertised on time according to the schedule
  • Advertised Late: These projects were advertised late according to the schedule
  • Past Due - Unadvertised: These projects have not been advertised, although the schedule indicates they should be
  • Cancelled/On Hold: These projects have not been advertised, however they have been placed on hold or cancelled
  • Scoping: These projects are still in the scoping phase