Region 2: Administration

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The Administration Division provides Region Two leaders with accurate data to make informed decisions. The division ensures accounting is transparent and efficient, oversees grounds and buildings, and also manages contracts.
Ryan Bailey
Administrative Services Manager
Region 2

Key Accomplishments

  • Effectively managed the budget throughout year, substantially reducing costs to UDOT and the region.
  • Remodeled the PDB significantly under initial budget. Remodel was projected at $113k, final costs will be $65k. Savings were achieved by using our building and grounds crew to perform the work. Costs were cut in half by recycling office furniture. Each area is ADA compliant and meets standards. Energy savings are not added in, but costs will be saved by adding a break room which will house all microwaves and refrigerators.
  • Negotiated new cell phone contract with Verizon Wireless which saves the department $48k per year.
  • Region two is now a smart phone only region, which keeps employees current and connected.


  • Six vehicles were removed from the fleet and replaced with Enterprise Car Rental. This saves the region on maintenance costs.
Maintain a balanced spending flow throughout the year
  • This year the department has done a great job of spending when funds were available to do so. A 3-year plan has been set up for each organization with quarterly meetings to ensure their needs are being met and they are able to effectively plan moving forward.

Buildings and Grounds

Implement a completion time of 14 days or less for all buildings and grounds. Previous year was 14.74 days.
  • Buildings and grounds are running at an average completion time of 9.5 days for all requests that have been submitted (785).
Improve the scheduling process for buildings and grounds.
  • Buildings and grounds are using Google calendar to make appointments with stakeholders to work in their areas.


  • Dave Kelley has worked on tracking contracts and kept it current with expiring and new contracts.
  • Dave has saved the state $120k through contract negation and finding new contracts.