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The Communications Division provides the general public, government leaders, stakeholders, and media with timely information related to projects, programs, events, meetings, accomplishments, awards and recognition in Region Two of the Utah Department of Transportation. Additionally, the Division assists with internal communications, including drafting safety messages, and providing employees with graphic design and audio/visual services.
Communications Staff
  • Tim Beery, Communications Manager
  • Courtney Samuel, Information Specialist II
  • Susan Petty, Customer Service Specialist
  • Tabitha Giolas, Customer Service Specialist

  • Customer Service
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Written Communication

Key Accomplishments

  • Managed an internal digital channel to share information with employees and partners about projects, activities, programs, events, and accomplishments.
  • Produced UDOT Region Two News monthly to inform citizens and other stakeholders about UDOT projects.
  • Produced UDOT Region Two 2017 Digital Annual Report to inform citizens and other stakeholders about UDOT projects.
  • Designed and produced UDOT Project Information sheets to inform lawmakers, citizens, businesses, and other stakeholders about UDOT's projects within the region during 2018 and the coming years.  

Customer Service

  • Managed UDOT Clik 'N Fix Customer Service App
    • The purpose of this application is to allow the traveling public to report problems/issues on state roadways. The Communications Division oversees the application to ensure service is prompt.

Graphic Design

The Communications Division offers graphic design in-house, substantially reducing consultant costs. Below is a list of publications produced during FY 2018.
  • Legislative Update Sheets 
    • These are information sheets that include project name, scope, benefits, funding, and timeline. Info sheets are shared with elected officials and the general public to communicate project information.
  • Transportation Commission Tour Booklet
    • This booklet is prepared for the Transportation Commission Tours and includes select projects in Region.
  • Internal communications and job postings
    • This category includes region updates from all divisions in Region Two. Other publications, such as event flyers, internal brochures, and job postings etc.

Public Information

The Region Two Twitter feed has nearly 5,000 followers with near daily updates on projects within the region, including 812 photos and videos and approximately 4,000 tweets sent. Region Two Tweets are shared by each of the four major news outlets in Salt Lake City and the Twitter Account is a major conduit for incident management updates, such as the tanker fire along I-15 and informing the public about traffic pattern changes, such as left turns shutting down at Bangerter Highway and 11400 South. 

Video Production

UDOT Safety Videos
Region Two has produced a number of safety-themed videos this year including a recap of the incident at Jeremy Ranch involving one of our employees. The Jeremy Ranch Video was shown at the UDOT Conference and has also been featured at ASHTO Headquarters 

Video Production

Internal Videos
Region Two produced multiple videos for internal use highlighting events, such as the Region Employee Awards and Snow School.  

Video Production

Managed UDOT Region Two Channel
The Region Two Channel is a web-based digital signage system that displays information on computer and TV screens in a variety of mediums, including photo and video.
The channel is accessible on computers and other devices with internet access. The channel is also displayed on TV monitors at Region Two headquarters.
On the channel viewers can see construction photos, Thank You letters received from the public, employee service award photos, safety messages, photos from employee picnics, videos and much more!

Video Production

Produced monthly Region Two News Brief
Launched in April 2016, Region Two News Brief is a monthly video series designed to inform the public, local government partners, and UDOT employees about transportation projects happening in Salt Lake, Summit, and Tooele counties. The video series features 3 to 4 stories per episode with a total running time typically under 5 minutes. Distribution is below:
  • The public via social media
  • Region Two Channel
  • Email a link to all R2 employees and PI consultants
  • Email a link to commission members
  • Email a link to cities in Region Two, specifically those that will be impacted by projects in the video
  • Provide a copy to cities that have a government access channel for broadcast on cable channel 17 (currently SLC,WVC, Taylorsville)

Video Production

Produced UDOT Region Two 2017 Digital Annual Report 
The 2017 Digital Annual Report was produced to show the public, local government partners, employees, and other stakeholders the major projects UDOT worked on during the 2017 construction season. The report was released at the end of the year 2017 and shared with the same distribution list from the monthly news brief. 

Written Communication

  • Letters, Articles, Responses
  • During FY 2017, communications staff assisted with drafting responses to general inquiries about projects and other issues.


  • ROADS Safety Program
    • The Communications Division assisted the ROADS Committee in the collection and processing of observation cards in Region Two. Staff also drafted and distributed safety messages generated from observation cards and recommended by the ROADS Committee. During FY 2017, a total of 331 cards were collected and processed.

Public Awareness Campaign

  • Launched ramp meters public awareness campaign
    • Ramp meters were installed on the NB on-ramp to I-15 at Bangerter Highway and 14600 S in October 2016 as part of The Point project to help alleviate heavy traffic and keep the flow of vehicles moving on the freeway. The ramp meters had not been turned on because the 600 West project on Bangerter highway will alter how the interchange responds to the ramp meter operation. Queue storage was insufficient for ramp metering previous to the 600 West Project on Bangerter. Previous outreach at other locations was insufficient to make the public aware of the benefits of ramp metering.
  • To inform the traveling public and mitigate any negative public perception of ramp meters, UDOT Region Two, in partnership with the central communications office, created public awareness materials that explain the purpose/need of ramp meters and announce the date ramp meters will be turned on at this location.
  • Public outreach materials included the following:
    • Brief animation video
    • News release
    • Portable VMS at strategic locations
    • UDOT weekly construction update
    • UDOT Region Two News
    • Local TV/radio spots
    • Social media posts