Region 2: Construction Division

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The Construction Division provides inspection, materials testing, and contract administration on all projects on state routes as well as local government projects that are constructed with federal dollars.
The division ensures that all work performed by private firms meets UDOT standards and also provides engineering support to deal with unforeseen problems and changed conditions on UDOT projects.
Shawn Lambert

Shawn Lambert

South District Engineer

Daniel Page

East District Engineer

Eric Chaston

West District Engineer
Revised Org Chart for Region 2

Construction Project Closeout

Goal: Achieve Project closeouts on time and within the 30/60/90 for 85% of all projects that are Constructed in FY 2019
  • All Region and Consultant RE's will achieve project closeouts within the 30/60/90 day time frame and 85% of the time.
  • RCS and Materials Review Level IV to develop closeout tracking process for the Region.

Partnering - Building and Improving Relationships

Goal:  Continue to improve and build our relationships with all  of our customers.  This goals will be measured by holding recurring meetings with internal customers to discuss project decisions and lessons learned. 
  • Standardize PM/RE/Project Director Roles and Responsibilities
    • Hold a facilitated partnering meeting to determine appropriate roles and responsibilities
  • Plan a fall retreat for REs, MEs, and AS's to continue to facilitate strong partnering between Construction and Maintenance
  • Determine a measure for effective partnering
  • Coordinate with Maintenance on project activities and include maintenance personnel on final project walkthroughs.
  • More coordination and collaboration between maintenance and construction.  Better sharing of resources and moving back and forth depending on workload.
  • Organize and Conduct a Contractor Summit 3.0
    • Include other Technical groups from Region 2 (Materials, Design, and Program Management).
    • Follow up on areas of concerns expressed at last years Contractor’s Summit

Increase DE Construction Involvement

Goal:  To have greater DE involvement in projects throughout the Region but especially the larger Alternative Deliver Projects (CMGC, DB, Progressive, DB) .   This will help support construction crews and create consistency.

FHWA Focus Areas:

Goal: Coordinate with FHWA  to Improve on the areas identified for Field and File focus areas 
Field Review Focus Areas:
  • Pedestrian Access Route through Work Zone (UDOT Standard Drawing TC-6)
  • Construction conformance with specifications
  • Job Site Posters
  • Work Zone Control
 The District Engineer and the RE will hold project drive throughs where each area will be addressed (At least 1X per year per project). FHWA will be invited to attend.
File Review Focus Areas 
  • ADA Forms
    • Correct form being used, filled out, check numbers
  • Contract Change Orders 
    • CO Documentation sufficient to support eligibility, justify cost(s), and time.
  • Subcontract Requirements
    • Are required subcontracts in place and have proper documentation
  • Certified Payroll
    • Wage rates, are contractor and subcontractor personnel being paid the correct wage.
The FHWA Audit will be the basis for performance measure.  Improvement in identified areas will be the goal.

Transportation Technician Program

Goal:  Implement the changes to the TEP Program and make necessary changes based on observed and reported results.  Identify problem areas and hold internal focus groups to address concerns and problem areas:
  • Continue to Fill TT Vacancies
  • Provide Consistent Guidelines
  • Hold monthly Trans Tech Focus group for Region 2 to discuss changes needed to improve the program.
  • Create a summary report at the end of the year identifying problems areas with a plan to address the issues in the upcoming year.
  • Professional Development Pay for designated TT-IIIs

Resource Loading

Goal:  To ensure that Region 2 is utilizing its resources in the most efficient manner.
  • All Construction Projects will be staffed using Google Sheets.  Construction crews will only add a TT to a project when the discussion has taken place between the Station Supervisor and the Level IV inspector/RE/FE
  • Staff projects regionally using Uplan to be able to move resources efficiently

Region 2 Training / Construction

Goal:  To continue to improve our internal Trans Tech training programs 
  • Continue to build Core Competency and improve our training efforts within our construction crews.
  • Provide TEP Program Development Feedback
  • Provide Training on Google Sheets
  • Maintain an 85% or better passing rate on the peer review board
  • Hold leadership training for Level IV's, and TT-IIIs


Goal: Have no Employee accidents or injuries on FY 2019 Construction Projects. 
  • Have Zero Preventable accidents or injuries on all construction projects in 2019
  • Hold toolbox meetings weekly and always have a safety topic presented

Construction Budget

Goal: Plan and prepare a budget for FY 2019.  All expenses will be within the planned budget for FY 2019
  • Coordinate with Maintenance on all Snow Plowing and work activities that include Trans Tech’s and overtime hours that will hit the Maintenance Stations budget.
  • Budget for additional trans tech on the crews
  • Budget for an average of no more than 150 hours of OT per crew

Consultant RE Role and Involvement

Goal: To continue to develop the role of the Consultant RE at Region 2

Materials Documentation Review Process

Goal:  To implement a new position in the Construction and Materials division at Region 2  to perform materials book reviews for both Internal and Consultant REs
  • Hire FTE to fill this role in conjunction with Construction and Materials Divisions
  • Solicit Consultant Help as needed