Region 2: Construction Division

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The Construction Division provides inspection, materials testing, and contract administration on all projects on state routes as well as local government projects that are constructed with federal dollars.
The division ensures that all work performed by private firms meets UDOT standards and also provides engineering support to deal with unforeseen problems and changed conditions on UDOT projects.
Shawn Lambert

Shawn Lambert

South District Engineer

Daniel Page

East District Engineer

Eric Chaston

West District Engineer
Revised Org Chart for Region 2

Masterworks Implementation

Goal:  Consistently administer projects using Masterworks.  Provide feedback to Central on problematic areas (change orders, C-107's, NCR's, Ball in court process for DE review, Subcontracts).
  • We have created a R2 Group email that is used by all our UDOT and Consultant RE's to track and discuss Masterworks (MW) issues.  Central is also listed on this group email so they are contacted as well.
  • All projects advertised in FY2018 are using MW software.
  • Continue to hold training and update sessions with Central to give them feedback, i.e; held a MW discussion meeting on January 18th was held.

Construction Project Closeout

Goal: Close out all project within the 30/60/90 day period.
  • Achieve project closeout on time within the 30/60/90 time frame on 85% of all projects constructed in FY 2018.

Partnering - Building and Improving Relationships

Goal:  Improve and continue to build relationships with all  of our customers:
Both internal and external customers;
  • Contractors
    • On February 14, 2018 Region 2 held their second annual Contractor's Summit.  Based on comments from the previous year we expanded the Summit to include multiple groups from Region 2 including, Materials, Pre-Consruction, Traffic and Safety, and Project Management.  We also asked Central Construction to participate and give an update on changing specs and  policies that affect the contracting world.
    • All DE's are attending AGC Contractor's meeting on a regular basis to better understand issues that are of concern to the contracting community
  • Consultant Resident Engineers
    • A Sixth RE has been added to Region 2, to assist with the growing workload and provide consistent direction to the Consultant RE's.
    •  Once a month a joint UDOT and Consultant RE Staff meeting is held where we discuss administrative, contractual, and project performance.
  • Structures Division
    • Continue to hold Semi-Annual coordination meetings with Structures - current and future projects are discussed along with an update to processes and policies that affect our respective groups.
    • Coordination on the re-write of the TEP Program, specifically Structures and providing input into the training modules.
  • Project Managers
    • PDO meeting  (lessons learned, change orders, project delivery and scheduling are all agenda items that are discussed on a monthly basis). 
    • Creation of a Consultant RE to better coordinate with PM's on Consultant RE administered projects.
    • Looking to schedule a facilitated partnering meeting with the Project Management team
  • R2 Materials
    • Project Materials Reviews - DE's providing resources to assist with this effort.
    • IA process was reworked to allow Trans Tech Level III's to administer the IA's both in Construction and Maintenance.
    • Coordination on the creation of new Specifications sections affecting Region 2, SMA pavement designs, Smoothness Specification, PCCP,  steel verfication in newly placed PCCP. and Rapid Set for utility collars.
  • Pre-Construction
    • Two projects with IDC (SR-68, 12600 S to Bangerter Hwy, and the I-80 WB Climbing lanes)
    • RE staff providing input into this process and providing training to Trans Tech for Bentley Navigator and GIS Collector.
  • Central Construction
    • Heavy Involvement in the TEP Statewide Focus group
    • Contractor's Summit (see above)
    • Masterworks Training for crews - R2 has asked for refreshers and Central has agreed.

Continue to Improve the Transportation Technician Program

Goal:  Implement changes to the TEP Program and make necessary changes based on observed and reported results.  Identify problem areas and hold internal focus groups to address concerns and problem areas:
  • Conducted and held LEAD interviews with all 19 Maintenance Stations and 5 Construction Crews.
  • Organized and continue to hold Region 2 Transportation Tech Focus meetings to address concerns at Region 2.
  •  Provided Central with a list of Subject Matter Experts (SME's) to assist with the redevelopment of the Transportation Education Program - 
  • Made organizational changes in Region 2 on the administration of the TEP program.
  • Monthly report cards are given out to Station Supervisors, Areas Supervisors, ME's and DE's to track the progress of our Trans-Tech's through the TEP program.

Construction Training

Goal:  Update/Outcome: Construction Training
  • Continue to build Core Competency and improve our training efforts within our construction crews.
    • Next steps to focus training based on specific future projects that each crew has.
    • Core Curriculum training has been expanded to cover additional areas noted of concern: new specifications will be one area that is covered along with attention given to dimensional analysis.  This training has been expanded to cover 2 days and will be held on April 16th and 17th. 
    • Work with Central to continue to improve our Google Training Calendar
  • Region Two participated in the Transportation Technician Focus Group led by Central Construction and Maintenance. Region Two also provided recommendations on the training and structure of how the new program should be organized. In addition, the region provided recommendations to Region Leadership on how our TT program should be changed to develop a greater skill base for both Construction and Maintenance.

FHWA Focus Areas:

Goal: Coordinate with FHWA  to Improve on the areas identified for Field and File focus areas 
Field Review Focus Areas:
  • Pedestrian Access Route through Work Zone
  • Construction conformance with specifications
  • Job Site Posters
  • Environmental Commitments
  •  Work Zone Control
  • Our construction crews have continued to partner with our FHWA counterparts in project reviews and site inspections regarding these focus areas. The majority of our projects have been given a satisfactory rating and we are continuing to see improvements in all areas.
File Review Focus Areas 
  • Pedestrian Access Facilities 
  • Change Order Documentation 
  • Continuing to use one of our FEs to provide QC review on all of our Change Orders. This has provided consistency and uniformity in the developing and processing our Change Orders - which was a concern expressed at the Contractor's Summit.
  • Subcontract requirements 
  • DBE Commercially useful function documentation
  • Better communication between FHWA and R2 Construction Crews, atmosphere has changed to being  more collaborative 

Resource Loading

Goal: Ability to forecast and develop a plan to handle increasing workloads benefits the department and employees. The following items will be focuses in the coming year.
  • Assignment of all projects as soon as they are entered into e-PM
    • Continue to work with the Program Manager on assignment of projects - currently using Socrata to track incoming and unassigned projects
    • Participation in Region STIP Workshop
  • Development of a Socrata query which will help to establish and maintain the latest project data to ensure all projects will have either a UDOT or a Consultant RE assigned to them
    • The Socrata query has been created and is cross referenced to a UDOT UPlan map for easier visualization:
    • See Below for active Socrata Spreadsheet
  • A cognos report has been created and will be converted to Socrata once the material is uploaded. We have coordinated with the region GIS Specialist to create a GIS Map which shows current projects and which RE they are assigned to. This innovation has greatly sped up the time it takes to assign REs to projects, considering the location and resources of each RE.
    • This effort has been replaced by the Socrata data.
  • All REs will begin resource loading their future projects. This effort began September, 2016.
    • All RE's have resource loaded their 2018 projects - 
    • Currently the DE's are re-evaluating this effort and looking for ways that all projects can role up into a gobal view for the Region 2 RE's and the Trans Techs.
  • Training will need to be given to Field Engineers and Construction Tech Level IVs. Training has been provided to the REs, FEs and work has commenced to get Level IVs training.
    • All current FE's have recieved the training - this process is being re-evaluated for effectiveness and once a decision on made on how to proceed we will begin our training efforts.

Change Order Processing Time

Goal:  With the Implementation of Masterworks - the Region's goals is to have the C-107" in place and approved before any CO is to begin.  All CO's will be processed in a timely manner. CO's will be processed within the 30 days of the submitted date in Masterworks 90% of the time.
  • We continue to have the Change Order Tracking log in affect until MW is able to track the specific dates.
  • Continue to institute a QA process with one of our FE's reviewing each Change Order for consistency and accuracy before coming to the DE's for signature
  • Hold weekly meetings to review the status of Change Orders - see graph


Goal: Have no Employee accidents or injuries on FY 2018 Construction Projects. 
  • Have Zero Preventable accidents or injuries on all construction projects in 2018
  • Hold toolbox meetings weekly and always have a safety topic presented
  • Participate in the ROADS Committee program by filling out a minimum of 5 safety cards per employee per year.

Construction Budget

Goal: Plan and prepare a budget for FY 2018.  All expenses will be within the planned budget for FY 2018
  • Resource load all projects to project workload and expected costs for CE budgets for FY 2018.
  • Coordinate with Maintenance on all Snow Plowing and work activities that include overtime and costs that will impact the Maintenance Station budget.