Region 2: Maintenance Division

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The Maintenance Division is responsible for snow removal and the maintenance of roads, shoulders, signing, pavement markings, interstate lighting and signals, and general upkeep of all state routes in Region Two.
Maintenance crews fill potholes, provide street sweeping, mowing efforts, weed spraying, asphalt paving, structure cleaning, and install safety features on state roadways.

Shawn Lambert

South District Engineer

Daniel Page

East District Engineer

Eric Chaston

West District Engineer

Snow Removal - Maintenances' TOP Priority

Goal: The Snow and Ice Performance Metric will be used as our Performance Measure for the FY 2018/2019 Snow Season. 
  • The Region will achieve an average of B or higher on all interstate Routes during storm events that do not exceed a snowfall rate of 1 inch per hour. 
  • All non-interstate routes will achieve an average of B- on all storms that do not exceed a snowfall rate of 1 inch per hour. 
  •   Work with the TOC weather group to identify, prioritize, and fund additional weather stations sites

Equipment Maintenance

Goal:  Each Maintenance Station receiving a C or less   from Central’s Equipment review report will improve upon their letter grade by at least on full grade.   Exception will be on plow trucks with cracked frames for the letter grade but will expected to be in better condition for all other aspects of the plows.  
  • Emphasis this year will be on 10 wheelers.  Stations should score an average grade of B on 10 wheelers.
  • An emphasis at Snow School will be provided to show the importance and cost saving of washing and greasing trucks.
  • Snow School will also include a Sander calibration session.
  •  The Areas Supervisors to perform random checks to ensure trucks are being washed and greased after each storm event.  DEs and MEs to be involved with these checks as well.
    • Develop a measure and tracking system to communicate findings and improvements throughout the year
  • Complete Light Duty Emissions by March 1, 2019
  • Create a transparent process for equipment purchase decisions that includes the involvement of the DEs, MEs and AS’s.

MS4 needs at Maintenance Stations

Goal: To evaluate the needs of Region 2 and make the necessary upgrades to our maintenance stations to be compliant with the MS-4 regulations.
  • Prioritize the region needs
  • Brainstorm Solutions
  • Begin implementing Fixes
  • Ensure that Inspection reports are being completed weekly and quarterly

Region 2 Training - Maintenance

Goal:  To continue to improve our internal Trans Tech Training programs.
  • Provide TEP Program Development Feedback
  • Provide Training on Google Sheets
  • Equipment Training Improvements
    • Hold Weekly equipment training on various pieces of equipment
    • Improve the Equipment Roadeo as a training session.  This will include extending the event to include practice time.
  • Continue to hold and improve Snow School
  • Maintain an 85% or better passing rate on the peer review board
  • Hold leadership training for supervisors, and TT-III


Goal:  To actively monitor and manage our maintenance budget
  • Make each shed accountable for their budget
  • Meet with each shed on a quarterly basis to manage and answer budget questions
  • Provide Socrata training as a budget management tool
  • Average no more than 150 hours of overtime for each station.
  • Redistribution of Maintenance budgets by building bottom up estimates for each station
  • Redefine the budget reports and what/how budgets are communicated

Preventative Roadway Maintenance - 3 year plans

Goal:  The 3 year plan will be used for all decisions regarding 2411 funding.  All funding coming from 2411 will use the 3 year plan – priority rankings.
  • Each Station will continue to update and include new priorities throughout the year.  
  • The ME’s along with the AS’s will coordinate Assets to ensure inclusion into upcoming projects.
  • The number of assets identified through the TSP (Transportation Solutions Program) will be tracked and provided back to the Stations.
  • Track 3yr plan funded projects by station and by region for reporting at semi annuals.
  • Coordinate with Central Maintenance and DTS on providing upgrades to our 3 Year plan.

Transportation Technician Program

Goal:  Implement the changes to the TEP Program and make necessary changes based on observed and reported results.  Identify problem areas and hold internal focus groups to address concerns and problem areas.
  • Continue to fill TT vacancies
    • Track vacancy percentage throughout the year for discussion with senior leadership to address issue.
      Provide Consistent Guidelines
  • Hold Quarterly Trans Tech Focus group for Region 2 to discuss changes needed to the program
  • Create a summary report at the end of the year identifying problem areas with a plan to address these issues in the upcoming year.