Region 2: Project Management

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Focus Area Overview

Project Management is responsible for scope, schedule, budget, and quality for projects during concept development, design, and construction. The division oversees the performance management system for the region and report quarterly on the status of the region's program.
Troy Peterson
Program Manager


  • Concept Reports are created for all projects recommended to move forward for Region 2's STIP workshop and Program Management meetings.
    • Concept reports were created for all Transportation Solutions Projects and the Pavement Program for the Region STIP workshop. 
    • Better collaboration between disciplines during Concept report creation.
  • Review Project Definition Documents (PDD's) with PMs prior to them taking them to the Region Staff.
    • I have been meeting with each of the Project Managers on every PDD prior to presenting to Region Staff. 
    • PDD's are reviewed up to 4 times a month depending on the PM's completion.  This has provided quicker turnaround in getting projects moved to Active.
  • Continue working with the Region Liaisons to identify the best projects to program our Transportation Solution Funds.
    • Region 2 is utilizing Decision Lens to prioritize projects for Transportation Solutions.  Safety, Choke Point, Asset and Paving jobs have input and ranked by the Programming team this past year. 


The goal is to advertise 85% of the projects on time.

Schedule "Continued"

Advertise 70% of our projects between Sept 1 and March 30 (by project value).
  • Region Two has awarded greater than 70% of construction dollars in the appropriate time frame to achieve the best bids.

Schedule "Continued"

  • Region Two has advertised 70% of project (# projects) for FY 18 during the appropriate time frame to achieve the best bids.


  • Have the PM area budget come in, at or under budget.
    • Currently tracking more than 3% under projected budget for the year.
  • Have the Region meet its Federal Obligation.
    • Region Two is on target to meet its Federal Obligation for 2018 as depicted in the chart below.
    • Federal Fiscal Year 2017, Region Two received $18.9 Million of the $30 Million August Redistribution funds given to UDOT for meeting the Federal Obligation.

BUDGET "Continued"

  • Work with central to develop a better way to track federal obligation. 
    • The following Graphs were created to better identify federal obligations, De-obligations and enable the Region to track (real-time) current obligation values to ensure we reach the Federal Obligation Goal.  Region 2's FY 2018 Goal is $103 Million

Budget "Continued"

  • Manage Efficiencies - Advance projects as soon as efficiency money is available. 
    • Region 2 is recommending to fund $23.7 Million worth of Transportation Solutions at the 2018 STIP Workshop.  
    • Due to efficiencies and proactive management of existing programs additional funds are available for Transportation Solutions.


  • Work with Central to open up better lines of communication.
    • Quarterly coordination meetings occurring with Structures and Traffic & Safety improving communications.
    • Better alignment of projects and 3 year plans between portfolio managers.