Region 2: Spring RPDU Maintenance Division

Discussion Topics

Org Chart Changes - Danny

Snow Removal Operations - Shawn

MS-4 - Eric

Sweeping - Danny

Homeless Camps - Shawn

Trans Tech Update - Eric

Emergency Incidents / Special Projects - All

Organizational Changes:

Creation of a New District - 
  • Balanced Districts based of projected workload, lane miles, and Employees.
  • Create the least disruption between Area Supervisors and the Stations
  • Creation of a New District Engineer - Eric Chaston
  • Allows DE's to spend more time focusing on Employees, Project Concerns, and Maintenance Issues. 

Organization Changes -

New Resident and Field Engineer to Provide Assistance and Direction to Consultant RE's 

Snow Removal Operations

  • Snow Performance Tracker/ RWIS Plans
  • Snow Plow Incidents
  • Blade Inventory/Equipment Usage
  • Historical Snow Expenses/Budget

Snow Plow Incidents

MS-4: Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

  • Current Mapping
  • All Stations storm drain systems have been mapped and are being entered into UPLAN
  • Inventory of Pond Construction

MS-4 Issues Cont.

  • Temporary Permit with DWQ in Coordination with Rhonda
  • Disposal of Water (Brine making capabilities) - Additional Costs to Station Budget

  • Currently Tracking additional expenses based on MS4 requirements
  • Spent approx $50K on pond dewatering at Parleys station alone

  • Set aside an anticipated $2 Million of unused snow money to address statewide MS-4 issues
  • Currently identifying and prioritizing projects to resolve Region 2 MS-4 issues

Interstate Sweeping

Homeless Camps/ Operation Rio Grande

In Coordination with:
  • Salt Lake City
  • West Valley City
  • Salt Lake County Health Department
  • UHP
  • Salt Lake Police
$70, 000 Spent to Date

Trans Tech Update

  • Construction Level 3 Inspectors have been hired
  • Maintenance Level 3 Leads have been hired
  • Region 2 Trans Tech Focus Group meets each month and includes
    • DE s
    • 1 RE
    • 1 Area Supervisor
    • 2 Level 4 Inspectors
    • 3 Station Supervisors
    • 3 Trans Tech 3s
  • Overall feedback of the changes is positive

Emergency Incidents/ Special Projects

  • I-15 Tanker Truck Fire
  • Parley’s Waterline Break
  • 1300 West Culvert Collapse
  • SR-224 Drainage Issues

I-15 Tanker Fire

SLC Waterline Break