Region 4 Zero Fatalities


Region Four has xx Fatalities accounting for xx% of the xxx Statewide Fatalities. Our goal is Zero Fatalities with an emphasis on reducing fatalities by 2% per year.

Fatal Crashes by Year

Fatality Type

Crash Types

In 2015, 72% of Fatalities in Region 4 were related to Roadway Departures

Roadway Safety

IMT Goals:

  • Improve traffic flow on Arterial Corridors
  • Improve communication to the traveling public on major corridors by using Variable Message Boards (VMB) system, Camera, and the Traffic Operations Center (TOC)
  • Install roadway departure counter measures
  • Improve Winter snow operations with better condition information, and safety signage on roads
  • Use Variable Speed Limit (VSL) Trailer in construction zones
  • Use of Temporary Portable Rumble strips in construction zones
  • Track Average Clearance Time