Socrata 101: Creating a PDF or Printing a Story from Socrata

Printing from a web based source can be challenging. To make a PDF or print a complete items from Socrata, the following steps can be utilized.
Keep in mind, to print using this method, the browser Chrome must be used and an extension (PrintWhatYouLike) will need to be installed. If this extension is not currently installed on your computer, this will have to happen first. There are other extensions and plugins available for browsers, please feel free to use any you would like, this one works fairly well, so we are using it for the demonstration.
**Web based documents can be difficult to print due to their formatting. This is the best solution we have found so far to accomplish this task in Socrata, but there may still be display issues.**

1. Installing an Extension with Chrome

Installing an extension into Chrome is fairly straightforward. There is a guide to do this that can be found at the following web address:
The only aspect to keep in mind is that you will need to search for the PrintWhatYouLike Extension. Once this extension is found, there will be a button that will allow you to add it to the library of Extensions in Chrome. Once it is added all Extensions can be managed through Chrome, so it can be deleted in the future if a better method is found.
Below is an image showing how the Icon for the PrintWhatYouLike extension in Chrome will appear.

2. Identifying Document to Print

For the purpose of this demonstration the Zero Fatalities Story in Socrata will be used. This document is relatively lengthy and contains both text and visualizations. The story can be found here:

3. Activating the Extension

Once the document has been identified to be printed or converted to a PDF, the extension can then be activated. This is accomplished by "clicking" on the PrintWhatYouLike button on the top toolbar of the browser. Once this action is completed a menu will appear providing various functions.

4. Printing the Entire Document

To print the entire web-document click the "Print" button on the PrintWhatYouLike Menu. Once Print is selected a print menu appears so that a PDF can be created, or the document can be sent to the printer. If the entire document is not needed and there are elements of the document that need to be removed, please see Step 5.

5. Altering the Document from Printing

Once the PrintWhatYouLike Extension is activated in the web page you would like to print, there are options available to change what is printed. Sections can be removed, such as toolbars and other web elements that may be unnecessary to print.

A section is highlighted in red as the mouse cursor rolls over it. By left clicking in the highlighted section, a menu bar appears with options for removing the section, adding other sections to remove, etc. In the example below, the chart is selected and can be removed from the document.

6. PDF/Print Options

Once "Print" is selected a menu appears with a few different options for the PDF or printing, they are basic print options (color, layout, etc.) The destination section allows the you to create a PDF or choose which printer to print the document. Once all of the options are selected, choose the print button to complete the process.