Socrata Help Resources

There are a variety of resources for help using the Socrata product. There are tutorials to help users walk through some of the basic functions of Socrata, as well as videos produced by Socrata.

Socrata Tutorials

These basic tutorials were created to help guide users through various Socrata functions, and its history. The tutorials can help provide users with an introduction to Socrata, however, there are many other features available to Socrata users. Additional tutorials may be added as needed/requested. Currently, there are four tutorials available.

Creating a PDF or Printing a Story from Socrata

Printing from the internet can be difficult due to the formatting of the document. This tutorial provides a method to print or PDF all relevant materials from a web page. It requires the browser Chrome and the PrintWhatYouLike extension to be added to Chrome.

Socrata Videos and Education Courses

Socrata has created videos and offers web-based courses to help users improve their capabilities using the Socrata platform. Videos include filtering content, searching, and creating maps. These are a good starting point to learning some of the features that Socrata offers its users.