Safety Dashboard

A composite metric for zero fatalities is based on key performance measures. The individual criteria are weighted as follows: 
     •   Traffic Fatalities (29%)
     •   Traffic Serious Injuries (20%)
     •   Traffic Crashes (8%)
     •   Internal Fatalities (28%)
     •   Internal Injuries (10%)
     •   Internal Equipment Damage (5%) 

How are we doing? 
For many years, our goal has been - and continues to be - zero fatalities on Utah roads. Aggressive targets for this goal reflect our intense dedication to achieve zero crashes, injuries and fatalities. 
While these targets will be very challenging to meet, they will push the department to put the necessary resources towards protecting lives on our roads. 
While employee safety has always been a priority, our data collection efforts have been ramped up in recent years allowing us to more accurately measure our performance.

Safety Performance Measures

UDOT is focused on achieving Zero Fatalities on our roadways. As a means to achieve this goal, we have established targets for each measure: 
  • Traffic Fatalities: Reduce by 2.5 percent below the three-year average  
  • Traffic Serious Injuries: Reduce by 2.5 percent below the three-year average 
  • Traffic Crashes: Reduce by 2.5 percent below the three-year average 
  • Internal Fatalities: Achieve a target of zero employee fatalities 
  • Internal Injury Rate: Achieve a rate of less than 4.29 injuries per 200,000 working hours
  • Equipment Damage: Achieve an equipment damage rate of 6.85 incidents per 200,000 working hours

Traffic - Fatalities
The number of deaths on Utah's roads.
UDOT Employee - Fatalities
The number of UDOT employee deaths. 

Traffic - Serious Injuries
The number of life altering injuries such as severe laceration, broken or distorted limb, or crush injuries. These counts are Year-to-Date less 3 months.
2017 UDOT Employee - Injury Rate
The number of injuries per 200,000 working hours.

Traffic - Crashes
The number of vehicle-involved crashes. These counts are Year-to-Date less 3 months.
2017 UDOT Employee - Equipment Damage Rate
The number of reported equipment damages that occur per 200,000 working hours. 

**This data, as well as all UDOT safety program information, are protected under 23 USC 409. Data Included in the Report May NOT be Finalized and is Subject to Change**