Structures Division:

Geotechnical Design

Geotechnical Design
Geotechnical Design is a centralized function and is responsible to provide statewide support and technical expertise for the geotechnical needs on projects. Geotechnical Design is committed to proactively visit with Regions on a regular basis to communicate programmatic objectives and understand each Region’s unique circumstances related to geotechnical functions. 

Responsibilities include:

Statewide Program
· Develop policies, procedures, standards and manuals
· Set quality control and quality assurance requirements
· Guide geotechnical consultants and contractors
· Address maintenance issues regarding geo-hazards such as rock falls, landslides, and embankment and slope stability
· Maintain geotechnical standards, specifications and manuals

· Provide geotechnical design for bridge foundations, walls, and roadway projects
· Provide technical support for DB and CMGC RFP’s, selections and ATC’s
· Provide technical support for concept development and project scoping
· Provide technical review and oversight for all projects involving geotechnical features
· Provide geotechnical expertise to project teams, senior leaders and the public
· Provide drilling and laboratory testing

· Provide geotechnical expertise for issues during and after construction
· Provide on-site inspection and assistance during construction
· Provide construction training for field crews
· Participate in preconstruction meetings
· Provide training to maintenance crews 

2017 Accomplishments
· Performed design on 12 projects involving foundations and walls
· Performed design on 12 projects involving roadway geotechnical design
· Performed design on 10 projects involving geo-hazard remediation
· Provided investigative drilling, sampling, and instrumentation installation on 2 projects, including completion of 5 borings and totaling over 250 vertical feet of drilling for both UDOT and consultant designed projects
· Performed laboratory testing for 9 projects including both internal and consultant design, over 785 individual tests were completed
· Maintained complete AASHTO/AMRL accreditation
· Performed oversight on 33 consultant design projects involving foundation and walls
· Performed oversight on 15 consultant design projects involving roadway geotechnical design
· Performed oversight on 1 consultant design project involving a geo-hazard
· Provided and also participated in 3 technical trainings
· Participated as members on 15 national technical committees
· Participated in 14 research projects to support new design approaches, technologies, and innovations
· Responded to all maintenance and construction requests for support regarding projects, PDA testing, rock fall incidents, landslides, and slope stability issues
· Attended TRB and the Northwest Geotechnical Workshop
· Complete update of the Geotechnical MOI now available on the UDOT website
· Update of the UDOT Retaining Wall specifications and other special provisions 

2018 Performance Goal
· Maintain technical expertise to support Project Delivery, UDOT  Construction, and UDOT Maintenance needs