Structures Division:

Structures Design

Structures Design
Structures Design is a centralized function and is responsible to provide statewide support and technical expertise for the structural components of projects.  Structures Design is committed to proactively visit with Region leaders on a regular basis to communicate programmatic objectives and understand each Region’s unique circumstances related to structures.  Structures Design oversees all structural design to verify designs are safe, economical, constructible, maintainable, aesthetic and appropriate for the location and surrounding. 
Responsibilities include:

Statewide Program
· Develop policies, procedures, standards and manuals
· Set quality control and quality assurance requirements
· Guide structures consultants and contractors
· Evaluate and coordinate the implementation of possible innovations
· Maintain structural standards, specifications and manuals
· Provide technical support to Regions and other Divisions for structural related issues

· Provide structural design and specifications for bridges, walls, culverts, signs, etc.
· Provide technical support for DB and CMGC RFP’s, selections and ATC’s
· Provide technical support for concept development and project scoping
· Provide technical review and oversight for all structural designs
· Provide structural expertise to project teams, senior leaders and the public

· Provide structural expertise for issues during and after construction
· Provide on-site inspection and submittal review assistance during construction
· Support structural material development to enhance quality
· Provide construction training for field crews and maintenance crews
· Participate in preconstruction meetings
· Develop project specific just in time training
2016 Accomplishments
Structures Design performed design services on a wide array of structures in 2014.

Oversaw structural aspects of more than 100 consultant design projects
· Completed 17 bridge replacements, major bridge rehabilitations and/or widenings
· Completed preservation activities on 50 bridges
· Completed 5 new pedestrian and /or wildlife crossings
· Participated in alternative delivery of 10 projects
· Reviewed 15 Permit Projects
· Developed plans for 7 emergency/collision repair projects
· Finalized the Structures Design and Detailing Manual
· Revised and updated deliverables and tasks for structural activities in the PDN
2017 Performance Goals
· Roll out of the Structures Design and Detailing Manual box culverts and retaining wall drawings to assist in development of consistent, clear plans sets
· Review and revised all structural standard specifications and drawings for 2017 book
· Maintain technical expertise to support project delivery