Structures Division:

Structures Design

Structures Design
Structures Design provides statewide support and technical expertise for the structural components of projects regardless of delivery method.  Structures Design is centrally located and strives to work with the Regions and other Divisions  to understand programmatic objectives and to improve communication related to new structures and the preservation, rehabilitation, and replacement of existing structures.  Structures Design oversees structural design aspects to verify designs are safe, economical, constructible, maintainable, aesthetic and appropriate for the location and surrounding. 
Policy, Procedures Standards 
  • Manuals (Own: SDDM, BMM, GMOI, Coordinate: Hydraulics MOI, Roadway MOI) 
  • Drawings (SS, SD, WS) 
  • Checklists 
  • Technical memorandum 
  • Standard Specifications 
  • Special provisions (Department) 
  • Standard drawings (SW, DD) 
  • Administrative guidelines, requirements, and procedures 
  • Department standard specification and drawing support: 
    • Concrete Barrier (BA) 
    • Catch Basins (CB) 
    • Signals (SL) 
  • General and technical specification development and reviews 
  • National Support: 
    • AASHTO guidelines and technical specification development and review 
    • Survey participation

Project Delivery (D-B-B and Alternative Delivery) 
  • Encroachment ant TAP permit projects 
  • Maintenance projects 
  • Procurement projects 
  • Emergency/collision repair projects 
  • Program: 
    • Region (capacity, preservation, rehabilitation) 
    • Local Government (Joint Highway Commission) 
    • Structures (replacement, rehabilitation,  preservation, scour mitigation) 
    • Traffic and safety (HSIP, column protection, high friction surface course, substandard end treatments, overhead sign panel replacements ) 
    • ATMS (fiber on bridges, 5G) 
    • TOC (mileposts on structures) 
  • Design Build (procurement, design and construction): 
    • RFP development 
    • RFP acceptance 
    • One on one meetings 
    • ATC reviews and responses 
    • Proposal evaluations (SOQ and RFP) 
    • Task force meetings 
    • Design reviews 
    • Submittal reviews 
  • CMGC 
    • Scope development 
    • Proposal evaluations 
    • Task force meetings 
    • Design reviews 
    • Submittal reviews 

  • Need prioritization 
  • Region concept plan/Division scope and estimate development, reviews, and validations 
  • Feasibility studies 
  • Constructability reviews and schedules 
  • Cost estimating 
  • Program development 

Lead design 
  • Design reviews and oversight 
  • Design acceptance (3S6 and 5S1) 
  • Accelerated bridge construction 
  • Model based design and construction

  • UTRAC involvement (develop and evaluate structures and geotechnical problem statements, act as champion, and/or participate as part of TAC)
  • National research projects (NCHRP, pooled fund projects)
  • New product evaluations
  • Industry involvement
  • Experimental projects/innovations
  • Approved products list review
  • Region Material Engineer meetings

Technical Support/Coordination 
  • Responses to public inquiries
  • Semi-annual region meetings
  • Traffic and safety (high mast lighting)
  • Local government
  • Maintenance
  • Aesthetics Committee
  • Project Concept Committee

  • Design support
  • Structures construction inspection training and field support
  • Just in time training
  • Change order review
  • Value engineering review
  • Request for information
  • Field design changes
  • Non-conformance evaluations
  • Submittal reviews (demolition plans, hydro-demolition plans, materials)
  • Shop drawing review
  • As-builts
  • Disincentives/incentives justifications

Consultant Services 
  • General Engineering Services and Local Government Pool
  • Structural Design and Management Support Services Pool
  • Contractor Structural and Geotechnical Repairs Pool
  • RFP/RPLOC development 
  • Selection committees
    • Scope development
    • Proposal review and evaluation
    • Contract negotiation (consultant scope and estimate reviews)
  • Consultant project contract management
  • Scope, schedule and independent cost estimate development and/or review     
  • Invoice review
  • Assessment
  • Performance evaluation
  • Close out

  • Performance measures
  • Performance tracking
  • Efficiencies and innovations
  • Training needs (internal, NHI Courses)
  • Training development (ABC, UHPC, hydro-demolition, preservation, QC/QA procedures, SDDM)
  • Design/contractor coordination meetings (training and collaboration)
  • Conferences (local and national)
  • Lessons learned tracking
  • Associated General Contractors meetings

  • Assignment/resource management
  • Performance plans and evaluations
  • Career development
  • Training 
  • Hiring
  • Recruiting
  • Committees (AASHTO)

2017 Accomplishments
Structures Design performed design services on a wide array of structures in 2017.

·  Oversaw structural aspects of more than 100 consultant design projects
·  Completed 32 bridge replacement designs, major bridge rehabilitations and/or widenings
·  Developed plans for bridge preservation activities on 55 bridges
·  Completed 15 new pedestrian and/or wildlife crossings
·  Participated in alternative delivery of 11 projects
·  Developed plans for 6 emergency/collision repair projects
·  Reviewed 26 permit projects
·  Participated in technical trainings, workshops, and national initiatives
·  Participated in research projects to support new design approaches, technologies and innovations
·  Released the first revision to the Structures Design and Detailing Manual (including updated drawings and checklists)
·  Released SDDM preservation drawings
2018 Performance Goals
·  Release revised Structures Design and Detailing Manual overhead sign structure drawings and checklists to assist in development of consistent, clear plan sets.
·  Develop, update, and release Structures Design and Detailing Manual fence on structures, box culverts and retaining wall drawings and modified specifications.
·  Revise and update deliverables and task for structural activities in the PDN
·  Deliver first Model Based Design and Construction for bridges and establish workflow processes
·  Maintain technical expertise to support project delivery.
·  Oversee and support development of standardized structures training
·  Participate in NCHRP 20-68A Domestic Scan Program Successful Approaches for the Use of Hydrodemolition for Partial Depth Removal of Bridge Decks
·  Implementation of polyester concrete overlays with automated equipment at various locations throughout the I-15 corridor in Salt Lake and Utah County