Transportation Commission: Project Development

Total Cost Estimates for Projects:

This table shows project value/cost estimate comparisons, and advertising performance for each project advertised since the first of the previous month.

Advertising Status:

This chart compares the number of projects that were advertised on or before the committed advertising date or after the committed advertising date, and after the committed fiscal year.
                         Past Due - Unadvertised Projects                  Advertised Late Projects                  60 Day Advertising List

Project Count & Construction Contracts:

This chart combines a view of the number of projects under construction, together with the value of contract payments made, and value of contract payment yet to be made, by month, and for the displayed period. 

Contractor Payments:

This chart shows the monthly contractor payments (totals).

% Time Elapsed vs % Project Complete:

Green: % Time Elapsed <15% Greater than Percent Project Complete
Yellow: % Time Elapsed is between 15% and 30% Greater Than Percent Project Complete
Red: % Time Elapsed >30% Greater than Percent Project Complete

Contract Award vs Engineers' Estimate

This chart compares the original contract amount and the engineers’ estimate.