Business Analytics at the Utah Department of Transportation: Project Review - Nov 2017

Project Overview

In May of 2016, the Utah Department of Transportation began a multi-year project to improve upon its existing data analytics and business intelligence capabilities. To accomplish this, the Department engaged Grant Thornton to provide a cloud based business intelligence solution, provided by Socrata, and associated consulting services. 

The last project review occurred in June 2017. This page will serve as a review of the project's accomplishments since then, discuss some of the outstanding items and talk about plans for the future. 

Key Accomplishments

  • Significant enhancements to RPDU (Now "Program Delivery Dashboard")
  • Enhancements to the strategic direction
    • Increased transparency through access to source data sets (safety, structures, pavements, etc.)
    • Visual enhancements / look and feel improvements
  • Increased platform usage at UDOT / Numerous new dashboards
    • Preconstruction Division Portal
    • Statewide Permitting Dashboard
    • Transportation Improvement Fund (TIF) Dashboard
    • Pavement Management Dashboard
    • Executive Reporting - Financial Management
    • Socrata 101
  • Ability to create dynamic tables in stories
  • Initial Capital Projects Explorer implementation
  • Full Integration of R as an ETL and analysis tool
  • Integration w/ Socrata as a design partner

Outstanding Items

1. Replacement of Cognos
  • Still outstanding from June review.  
  • Still dependent on upcoming enhancements within the platform (ex: subtotals, tabular data, joins)
  • Solution Update: As the platform continues to improve as does GT's ability to add dynamic customizations to stories, it is expected that UDOT will become increasingly less dependent on Cognos. 
2. Other Topics for Discussion?

What's Next? 

More Platform Enhancements: 
  • Ability to join data sets within the platform (partially complete)
  • Enhancements to new visualization / data lens engine
  • New user interface and asset management experience
  • Easier distinction between private and public assets
  • Enhanced user / group management
  • Alerts and triggered notifications
Support for Events: - Any specific goals and objectives?  
  • October '18: UDOT Annual Conference
  • January '18: Legislative session
  • April '18: STIP workshop
Other Topics:
  • Next generation performance management / tactical measures 
  • Discuss possible integration w/ Decision Lens and High Street