Performance Management 2.0 Example: The New UDOT Real Estate Division

What does the UDOT Right of Way Division do? 

The Right of Way Division's primary responsibility is to acquire property needed for highway purposes and relocate displaced businesses or persons. The division is also responsible for the management of properties acquired, the oversight of local government highway projects using state and federal funds, utilities, access management, statewide permits, right of way plans, maps and records. 
  • Right of Way too often holds up construction.
  • All they do is confiscate land from citizens using eminent domain.
  • They aren't doing anything forward looking or innovative.

Historical Performance Management
Historically, the Right of Way division has published metrics that documented what the department was doing - but that too often failed to tell a story that highlighted key accomplishments and innovations or did not drive decision making. 

Metrics were published once yearly in a static report with no drill down or data exploration capabilities. 

Development of a New Vision for Performance Management

Over the past month Grant Thornton has executed a repeatable process for developing performance measures for the Right of Way department.

Step One: Gather Business Requirements 
Grant Thornton met with key stakeholders within the ROW department to understand what they do, the key decisions they make and how the measure success. 

Step Two: Develop Key Performance Metrics
Synthesize the requirements above into key performance metrics (KPIs) and validate with the department.  For each KPI, document:  
  • Function Supported
  • Category (Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive)
  • Impact on UDOT strategic goals
  • Intended audience
  • Key decision supported by the metric

Step Three: Develop Mind Map
Preserves key performance metrics and shows potential interactions with other UDOT business functions. 

Step Four: Identify Data Sources and Integrate w/ Socrata
  • Identify data sources
  • Develop ETL scripts and automation 
  • Build department performance management home page
  • Develop insights from performance data

And the results?

Grant Thornton has developed a prototype performance management dashboard for UDOT Right of Way that will transform the way the department manages itself. 
Introducing.... the new UDOT Real Estate Division! 

What's Next?

  • Implement base metrics for Property Management division
  • Address outstanding KPIs from mind map
  • Predictive Modeling: Total cost of acquisition / property management vs. future acquisition cost  
  • Identify trends and develop insights from new metrics