Utah State Highway System Traffic Volume Trends

Vehicle-Miles Traveled Is Increasing in Utah

In 2016 just over 21 billion vehicle-miles traveled (VMT) were tallied on Utah's highways compared to 18 billion in 2012. 

VMT on Utah ROads

Vehicle-Miles Traveled in United States is Increasing

Since 2011 VMT on US roadways has increased at a steady annual rate of 1.4%. Total vehicle-miles driven approached 3.2 quadrillion miles in 2016.

Vehicle-Miles Traveled in Utah is Increasing faster than the National Average 

Vehicle-miles traveled in Utah is growing faster than the national average. Since 2012 VMT on Utah's State Highway System has increased about 4% annually compared to 1.5% across the nation. Source: US Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Passenger Cars Comprise Over 70% of All Vehicle Traffic but Truck Mileage is Growing. 

Single truck mileage has increased 74% (1.4 billion additional miles) since 2010. Combo trucks have increased 16% in the same time period.  Passenger car miles are growing too but slowly.

Composition of Heavy Truck Traffic is Changing

Class 13 heavy trucks have increased from 330 million miles in 2010 to 460 million miles in 2016, an increase of 40%. Over that same time period, Class 12 also increased by 45% from 98 million miles to 143 million miles. Other classes of heavy truck traffic are slowly increasing or holding steady.

Vehicle Class Descriptions

Truck traffic analysis consists of vehicles with three or more axles.

VMT 2004-2016 by the Regions

Regional VMT by Vehicle Type 

2016 Highway Performance Monitoring System (All Utah Roads)

Vehicle-Miles Traveled by Route

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