Motor Carrier Tactical Measures

Bypassed Vehicles

The number of commercial motor vehicles electronically pre-screened and approved to bypass a Utah port-of-entry facility.
Bypassed Vehicles and Savings per Month
HELP, Inc. and Drivewyze, companies providing bypass opportunities, estimate the average savings per vehicle and driver to be $8.68 per bypass.
Percent of Bypassed Vehicles and Savings per Month
The percentage of trucks electronically pre-screened to bypass a port of entry and the cost savings to the Motor Carrier industry as a result or the bypass.

Vehicle Co-Inspection

Port-of-entry inspectors working in pairs to inspect a vehicle and driver reducing the time the truck is stopped at the port-of-entry.  This chart shows the number of co-inspections performed and the cost savings it provides the Motor Carrier industry.
The American Transportation Research Institute’s (ATRI) 2017 Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking report estimates the cost per hour of operating a commercial motor vehicle at $63.66.  This process saves an average of 30 minutes per inspection.

Large Truck Related Fatal Crashes

Inspection Violations/Out of Service Rates

Inspections Per Month

Total violations per month

Vehicle Out of Service Rate 

Driver Out of Service Rate